BREAKING: BIG Republican Just Pummeled With Bullets In Attempted EXECUTION – Killer In Custody

Being a Republican in charge of making or influencing big decision in Washington, D.C. has proven to be an exceptionally dangerous job. It’s now often deadly for those who not only participate in pushing policies through that are unpopular among liberals, but also those who blow the whistle on Democrats, bringing attention to their wrongdoing.

One Republican lobby was the intentional target of a public execution after having recently exposed a major detail in one of the DNC’s biggest scandals of our time. This was now the second attempt to take his life in just the past several months. Incredibly, he has managed to make it out alive both times, despite this latest attempt going to great lengths to ensure it was the last.

Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman thought he was going to retrieve Justice Department inspector general’s report on former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe from a parking garage. He was told by an individual who he thought was an FBI whistleblower the documents he wanted would be hidden beneath a specific cone. When he approached the hiding spot and leaned over to get the papers from under the cone, he was ambushed with bullets from behind.

It’s believed that Burkman was specifically targeted and set up in this death trap for his part in Seth Rich’s mysterious murder case. It’s the second time someone has tried to take his life as in January, an unidentified assailant attacked allegedly broke into Burkman’s home and attacked him with pepper spray.

According to The Washington Post, Burkman was shot in the buttocks and thigh and still managed to run out of the garage, while holding his dachshund he brought with him, when a man in an SUV intentionally ran him over. The driver and shooter was identified as 46-year-old Kevin Doherty, who is a special agent with the Department of Energy, and former Marine.

Jack Burkman (left), Kevin Doherty (right)

 Burkman had conducted a controversial investigation into Seth Rich’s case, working pro bono for the Rich family back in 2016. Doherty is well known to Burkman since the two had worked together on the investigation.

The Daily Caller reports of their connection and potentially why Doherty would be out to kill him:

Doherty worked for Burkman on the Rich investigation until July 2017. Rich, a data analyst at the DNC, was murdered in Washington, D.C., on July 10, 2016, under mysterious circumstances. Doherty was an investigator on Burkman’s Profiling Project, the group he formed to solve the Rich case.

Rich’s death was initially described as a robbery gone wrong, but conspiracy theorists speculated he was killed due to involvement in stealing DNC emails eventually released through WikiLeaks. There is no evidence Rich was involved in handling DNC emails.

Burkman began working pro bono for Rich’s family in late 2016. He has come under heavy criticism for circulating unfounded theories about Rich’s death, including the Russian government was behind the killing. Burkman later claimed evidence suggested a serial killer murdered Rich.

Rich’s family members have since distanced themselves from Burkman.

Burkman fired Doherty and sent him a cease and desist letter, he told The Post.

“He became somewhat angry because he thought the Profiling Project belonged to him,” Burkman explained to The Post.

“I just figured the matter was closed,” Burkman added. “But what happened is, I guess, he was simmering and simmering and simmering.”

Doherty was arrested on Saturday, March 17 by Arlington County police in Virginia for the attack on Burkman that took place on Wednesday, March 13 He was charged with malicious wounding and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. However, this may not the end of the saga for the lobbyist who is accused of circulating conspiracies regarding Seth Rich’s murder. In part, because Burkman now believes that Doherty was actually working for someone else a double agent while working with him on the case.

The Washington Post explains:

“It’s a horror story,” Burkman, of Arlington, said in an interview Monday afternoon. He is still recovering after being shot several times and run over by an SUV last Tuesday.

Burkman said Doherty presented an impressive resume — ex-Marine, ex-special agent — and did good work. But tension quickly developed. In Burkman’s view, Doherty began speaking to reporters out of turn and tried to take over the investigation.

In February, Burkman had moved on to a new investigation. He had put out a call for whistleblowers in the FBI, offering $25,000 for any information exposing wrongdoing in the presidential election.

Soon, he thought he had hit the jackpot. A man reached out, describing himself as a senior FBI official with information about then-agency deputy director Andrew McCabe, who at the time was under an internal investigation for his handling of probes into Hillary Clinton. (On Friday, McCabe was fired, after an internal investigation found he had dealt improperly with the media and then lied about it. He has denied wrongdoing.)

His source dropped off two packets of emails under a cone in a garage at the Key Bridge Marriott in Rosslyn, Burkman said.

The last drop was supposed to be “the big one” — the full inspector general report on McCabe, which still has not been released. Instead, when Burkman bent over to pull the papers out from under the cone, he was shot in the buttocks and thigh. As he ran out of the garage with his dachshund in his arms, he was hit by an SUV.

He said the car backed up to hit him again.

The GOP lobbyist now travels with security for good reason.

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