California Cities Revolting! Just Sided With Trump In Epic Showdown With Dems Happening Now

Republican Shawn Nelson, who is running to replace retiring GOP Rep. Ed Royce in the 39th Congressional District, was one of the four supervisors who voted unanimously to condemn the sanctuary state policy.

The debate over SB54 is once again heating up, this time in Orange County California. As most everyone knows by now in an attempt to circumvent the will of the American people California Governor Jerry Brown otherwise known as “Moonbeam” signed a landmark “sanctuary state” legislation which vastly limits who state and local law enforcement agencies can hold, question and transfer at the request of federal immigration authorities. So in effect, it creates a complete sanctuary to lawlessness. Not unlike how what we saw in the Kate Steinle murder in San Francisco.

The law which took effect this year has been blasted as “unconscionable” by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions after it became the focus of a national debate over how far states and cities can go to prevent their officers from enforcing federal immigration laws. Supporters have hailed it as part of a broader effort by the majority of Democrats in the California Legislature to shield more than 2.3 million immigrants living illegally in the state, the majority of which will someday vote Democrat.

Tuesday night this controversial law was taken up by the Orange County Board of Supervisors where residents were allowed to sound off on the law. And although the meeting got contentious and even rowdy at times the Orange County City Council voted 3-2 to stop complying with the law.

“This is not an immigrant issue. We’re all immigrants in this country,” Councilman Scott Peotter told the Los Angeles Times. “It is really (about) our police force being able to effectively fight criminals and coordinate with other agencies that do the same.”

Here is more on the Orange County fight via The Los Angeles Times:

“It’s not typical for a congressman to show up in person at a Board of Supervisors meeting. But that’s exactly what happened Wednesday, when Rep. Dana Rohrabacher spoke on a controversial matter the board was taking up Tuesday in Orange County: whether to join the Trump administration in suing California for its “sanctuary state” law.

“By making this a sanctuary city and a sanctuary state, we are doing nothing more than attracting millions of more people to come to this country,” Rohrabacher told the board. He added that a “flow of illegals” has diminished the quality of public schools, healthcare and housing for Californians. He also called immigrants in the country illegally “the greatest threat to the well-being” of county residents.

Rohrabacher’s words aren’t far off from talking points crafted more than a quarter-century ago during the campaign for Prop. 187, a ballot initiative that got its start in his coastal Orange County district and called for eliminating basic services such as healthcare and public schooling for immigrants in the country illegally. It passed, and helped propel Gov. Pete Wilson to the governorship, but was later struck down by the courts. It’s also received the brunt of the blame for the steep decline of the California Republican Party over the past couple decades.

Orange County is a rapidly changing place that two years ago voted for a Democrat for president for the first time in 80 years, making Rohrabacher one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the state. His tough stance on immigration in an increasingly tough reelection fight shows the galvanizing power he and many GOP candidates believe the issue still holds in the region.

In an election year when Democrats have an edge in voter engagement and enthusiasm, opposing California’s “sanctuary state” policy could bring more Republican voters out to the polls.

Scott Baugh, a former chairman of the Orange County Republican Party who’s now running against Rohrabacher, says he also opposes the law. “We can’t have a bunch of states out there being scofflaws of the federal government,” Baugh said in an interview. “We need our laws enforced, otherwise you just invite more and more people to take advantage of the situation.”

Taking such a strong position is not a sure-fire strategy. In a January poll by UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies, two-thirds of voters in Rohrabacher’s district said they were in favor of providing legal status to young people brought to the country illegally as children. A majority opposed building a wall along the Mexico border.

Republican Shawn Nelson, who is running to replace retiring GOP Rep. Ed Royce in the 39th Congressional District, was one of the four supervisors who voted unanimously to condemn the sanctuary state policy.

“I have nothing against anyone, but our duty has to be first and foremost to the citizens,” Nelson said. “We need substantial immigration reform. But if we don’t reform things and start following the rules, what’s the point of reforming anything if people can just act like we don’t have rules?”

With Orange County’s addition to the list of cities joining the Trump administration’s lawsuit against the state of California, there are now a total of 13 cities.

Isn’t it great how now that we have a strong president who is a conservative who keeps his promises the left wing finally remembers we have state’s rights? All through Obama’s regime the left would laugh at every effort states like Texas and Arizona would take to stop his agenda, but now all of a sudden they read the 10th amendment of the United States Constitution and like what it says. Seems hypocritical don’t you agree?

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