Disgusting: Hillary Clinton to Be Awarded for Her ‘Impact’ on Society

Once in a while, the only appropriate response to a piece of news is a deep sigh and a two-handed face palm. That time has come: Hillary Clinton is being honored by Harvard University for — wait for it — her “transformative impact” on society.

A news release from the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard announced that Clinton will be be given a medal next month. What are they studying, advanced incompetence?

“Clinton, a former secretary of State, will receive the Radcliffe Medal on May 25, an award that recognizes individuals who have had a ‘transformative impact’ on society,” The Hill reported.

Hillary Clinton certainly had an impact on U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi. More accurately, bullets from rampaging terrorists had an impact after Clinton repeatedly ignored pleas for increased security.

Stevens and his protectors won’t be attending the award ceremony, because they’re dead. What difference does it make?

“Hillary Clinton’s life and career are an inspiration to people around the world,” swooned Radcliffe Institute Dean Lizabeth Cohen.

“Whether in Arkansas, Washington, D.C., New York state or traveling around the globe as secretary of State,” the Harvard administrator continued, “Secretary Clinton has provided a model of what it takes to transform society.”

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