Michael Moore Hammers the Media for Obsessive Coverage of Russia and Stormy Daniels

Liberal activist and documentary filmmaker Michael Moore joined Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont in a live-streamed “Inequality in America” town hall in Washington, DC, on Monday night.

The discussion, which was centered around inequality and income inequality, also saw Moore addressing what he called the media’s obsessive coverage of Russian election interference and President Donald Trump’s alleged relationship with porn actress Stormy Daniels.

Warren, Sanders, and Michael Moore broached the topic after Moore began hailing a teacher’s strike conducted by the West Virginia Education Association. According to Moore, the teacher’s group scored an “amazing victory” which “brought down the state’s apparatus,” and resulted in a 5 percent pay increase.

But while addressing Sanders directly, Moore complained that he “didn’t see hardly anything” in the “corporate media” about the demonstration.

Bernie, I didn’t see hardly anything in the corporate media about this, on any of the networks, even some of the networks that we watch were you know—Russia, turn the channel, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia,” the Oscar-winner said. “I’m not saying that’s not important.”

To which Sanders replied: “Talk about Stormy Daniels.”

The Fahrenheit 9/11 director went off, blasting the media for obsessive coverage of stories such as Russia, Stormy Daniels, and Donald Trump Jr’s divorce. They’re “shiny keys to distract us” Moore said.

“We should know about the West Virginia teacher strike and the victory—what an inspiration that would be around the country,” he continued. “They don’t show this, Bernie, because what would happen if they did?”

Sanders responded, “In a so-called conservative red state, teachers stood up and fought back and won.”

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