Parkland Kids Arrested For Bringing Weapons To School – Media REFUSES To Report It For FOUL Reason

Over the weekend the March for Our Lives took place all across the nation. Over 800 American cities hosted individual marches, with the primary one being in Washington, D.C. in the nation’s capital. Prior to the marches, Parkland, Florida high school students were caught bringing weapons into their school at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High.

This past Tuesday two students at the high school were arrested by law enforcement officials for bringing weapons into the school, specifically knives. One of the students was Jordan Salter. The second individual was unidentified.

Several concerning incidents have taken place at the high school since the shooting took place. In an unrelated incident, a third student was sent to the hospital for mental observation because he had posted threats against other students on the Douglas student online forum. While the initial threat was that of a gun the picture was found to not have a real gun but instead a BB gun.

The Sun Sentinel reported,

‘Tuesday’s school day began with the arrest of Jordan Salter, 18, after a conflict in the cafeteria. She poured cereal on another student’s head after he asked Salter’s friend a sexually offensive question. When the boy leaned in close to Salter’s face, she pulled a 2-inch black knife from her bra, opened it and displayed it, according to a report from the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

 The next arrest came in the afternoon when school authorities learned that Gavin Stricker, 16, had brandished a knife on a bus Monday. He was called into the school’s office and a 9-inch knife was found in his backpack, according to a juvenile arrest report.

The third troubling event developed after screenshots of a sophomore’s Snapchat social media account circulated around campus. It showed the boy posing with a gun in his waistband along with images of bullets. The photos were captioned with “catch me out here n—-” and one referenced a student named Josh, the sheriff’s office said.

The student, who was hospitalized for a mental-health evaluation, told a detective that the firearm in the photo was a BB gun and the bullets belonged to his father, according to a sheriff’s office report.

He faces a misdemeanor charge for disrupting school with the social media threat. His hospitalization, under the state’s Baker Act, was prompted by self-inflicted wounds on his left arm, the report said.

The same student used the name “NickCruz” — an ominous nod toward the former student who has admitted to last month’s shooting spree — as his moniker for the online game Fortnite, according to the report. After he successfully clears a mental-health evaluation, the student will be taken to juvenile hall, the sheriff’s office said.

Zachary Cruz, branded a threat by prosecutors, is jailed on a $500,000 bond. Since his arrest Monday, he has been taken to a hospital for involuntary psychiatric treatment, the sheriff’s office said.

Meanwhile, Amanda Stricker, mother of the boy who had a knife in his backpack, fought back tears as she explained that his sister was in one of the classrooms that got shot up during Cruz’s deadly rampage.

She said school authorities told her that her son admitted to carrying the knife “for protection.’

“I think he was as scared as the rest of us were,” Amanda Stricker said. “We thought he was doing OK, and I think he wasn’t doing as well as we thought he was.”

Broward schools Superintendent Robert Runcie said Stoneman Douglas has been rocked to its core and every new development takes on “a whole different level of awareness.”

“When a school gets impacted by an event like this, it changes the school,” he said. “We’ll see what the impacts are over time. People are still affected. Kids are grieving and concerned. They have fears. We need to continue to be sensitive to that at the same time we try to function in as normal a sense as we can, recognizing this is not a normal state we’re in and extra vigilance is required. We’ll continue to do what we can to support the community.”

In light of Zachary Cruz’s unlawful entry onto school grounds, district staff are reviewing security protocols, Runcie said.

Security is beefed up during the school day, he said, but not after school is dismissed. The district may expand heightened security until 6 p.m., he said, so that students participating in after-school activities are protected.”

We didn’t see a lot about the arrests on MSM, apparently, it doesn’t fit their narrative.

In both cases where the students were detained for having knives, it appears they had knives because they wanted them for personal safety purposes. However, in all likelihood students will not be able to continue doing this because the high school has put in place a requirement to wear clear backpacks in light of the shooting to try and increase security protection.

Many of the high school students partook in the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C. while many stayed behind in Florida to partake in the marching activities. A number of students have remained active in the media regarding their staunch opposition to any politician who accepts donations from the National Rifle Association as well as their support for comprehensive gun control reform.

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