Sick Legendary Young Actor Drove Head-On Into Semi At Full Speed To Intentionally Kill His Family

A legendary actor who has starred in many beloved movies of our time reportedly drove his car, with his wife and child inside, intentionally into oncoming traffic, smashing his family’s ride to smithereens. Somehow, he lived through his fatal decision. Despite the results of the investigation proving it was intentional homicide/suicide, people have let him off the hook for this horrific attack on his family, excusing it as the result of something innocent. Had this been a different actor, there would be no forgiveness. Instead, an ironic excuse is being accepted.

Mental health issues have become a huge debate right now across America. With all of the recent mass shooting and suicides, people believe that the biggest contributing factor is due to having mental health issues. Many also believe that if people don’t get necessary treatments and/or help with their mental health issues it will cause them to make crazy choices that affect others. While the left refuses to acknowledge this as the number one factor in mass shootings, they immediately excuse the actions of a celebrity based on this reason. Perhaps it’s more than just who he is, but the fact that he used a car instead of a gun to try and kill his family.

Back in 2015, Robert Carradine made an erratic decision to wipe out his family. The actor is finally coming clean about the crash that happened back in 2015 and you will never believe who he is trying to blame for the incident.

According to Opposing ViewsThe wife of “Revenge of the Nerds” star Robert Carradine says that he purposefully drove his car into a semi-truck with the intention of killing them both. In March 2015, Robert was driving with his wife, Edith, on Colorado Highway 145 in Dolores, near the San Juan mountains.

Robert Carradine

The Daily Mail reports that he drove into oncoming traffic and collided with a tractor-trailer. The two were injured but ultimately recovered. “The fact that they were wearing seat belts is why they are with us today,” said state patrolman James Saunders. The truck driver, a 59-year-old from Wisconsin, suffered no injuries.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Edith confronted her husband about the crash four months later. She said that Robert “confessed to me and our two children that he deliberately drove into the truck to kill us both.” She added that her husband was wide awake at the time of the crash and that he is an “experienced professional racecar driver … so when he suddenly veered across the highway and into the full-sized semi-truck, he did so on purpose.”

The police report following the incident said that the crash was due to careless driving. It was determined that Robert was not speeding, nor did he have any drugs or alcohol in his system. The weather was also not a factor, as it was neither raining nor snowing at the time of the crash.

In November 2015, Robert filed for divorce, ending the couple’s 25-year union and beginning a long battle over money. Edith says that her husband has been depressed since his brother’s death in 2009. She wants possession of his 17 guns out of fear that he may hurt himself. She also is attempting to take some of her husband’s guitars, which are reportedly worth thousands of dollars.

She is currently unemployed in deep financial debt, owing more than $14,000 in attorney fees, according to the Daily Mail. Robert petitioned a motion to the court asking for spousal support from Edith, the Mail reports. He also requested that he should not be required to provide spousal support for his wife.

Robert is best known for his role as Lewis Skolnick in the 1984 comedy “Revenge of the Nerds.” He also appeared in a number of TV series, including “Kung Fu,” “The Long Riders,” and “Cannonball.” Most recently, he played a tracker in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained.”

Robert has blamed his actions on having a psychotic breakdown and it was because of his wife taking away his medication for his bi-polar disorder. Robert’s wife filed for divorce back in 2015 and as of today, their divorce has not been finalized. Mental health issues are a very serious matter and they need to be taken seriously.

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