Trump Forces CNN to Eat Crow… Admits He Could Be a ‘Great President’

It might be more rare than Halley’s Comet or a Clinton telling the truth: CNN has actually complimented Donald Trump, and had a stunningly positive reaction to the president’s apparent win on the North Korea situation.

The words that nobody thought they’d hear came from CNN host Erin Burnett on Thursday, as the network that has had a particularly hostile relationship with Trump discussed a recently announced diplomatic meeting between the president and Kim Jong Un.

“Just an extraordinary evening and, of course, opening the door to the big question,” Burnett said to a group of CNN panelists, according to Mediaite.

Yes, a CNN host just said Trump could go down as a “great president.” You’re not dreaming. This really is planet Earth.

Kim Jong Un’s willingness to sit down with Donald Trump would mark the first time a president meets with a North Korean national leader, and likely vindicates Trump’s tough-talking strategy against the nuclear-armed and reclusive nation.

“It’s huge, quite frankly,” admitted CNN guest Major General James Marks. “There might be something real here,” he explained about the prospect of a peace agreement that benefits the U.S. and the entire world.

— Will Ripley (@willripleyCNN) March 9, 2018

“Totally unprecedented. Kim Jong Un seems to be fully committed and ready to deal with the US,” admitted Will Ripley, a CNN international correspondent who has visited North Korea many times.

“Absolutely STUNNING news. (President Trump) to meet with NoKo’s Kim Jong Un,” echoed John Roberts of Fox News.

Let’s be clear: A lot has to happen before the promised Trump-Kim meeting actually happens … and even though that is itself historic, it is no guarantee that the volatile North Korean situation can be defused with a handshake.

With that said, it is incredible that the same outlets who thoroughly mocked Trump for tough talk on Korea are now openly admitting that he might know what he’s doing. Donald Trump spent decades building a reputation as a high-stakes deal-maker and negotiator. Most Americans know this, but it seems the liberal media has just figured it out.

You cannot negotiate anything from a position of weakness, putting everything on the table and letting your opponent know that you’re desperate.

Instead, Trump sent a clear message to Kim Jong Un: Two can play this game. You launch a missile, we send a carrier. You do a nuclear test, we fly an entire bomber wing off your coast.

Liberals and the media — but we repeat ourselves — underestimated Trump in the primary. They underestimated him against Hillary Clinton. Now, as always, they have underestimated him on North Korea … but one victory at a time, even the media can’t ignore reality.

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