Witness Due to Testify Against Hillary Clinton, Survives Assassination Attempt

Recently, a key witness who was about to supply evidence against Clinton that would prove she took bribe in the controversial Uranium One deal, claimed he barely escaped death during an assassination attempt.

The name of this insider, who allegedly worked as a lobbyist for a Russian firm was William D. Campbell, and he recently came forward with video footage, that showed the Clintons accepted “briefcases full of cash” for the trade of the nuclear fuel.

The Justice Department leaked the identity of the witness, which was then confirmed by the U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.He was scheduled to deliver the evidence to the Senate Committee, but unfortunately he did not appear there after “going into hiding” because of an assassination attempt against him.

As legal analysts observed,  his testimony at the hearing, would have placed Hillary in prison for “twelve plus years.”

After Campbell said he “narrowly survived an attempt on my life since the Sessions DOJ made it public that I will be testifying,” there were increasing fears that he might not live long enough to testify at all.

According to Campbell’s claims, an armed man attacked him while he was out hiking in the woods.

He said that the only reason he survived was because of a small handgun he was carrying with him.

Campbell explained that the stakes are extremely high, saying:

“I want to make sure I’m prepared for any eventuality, and thankfully I was carrying a weapon that day.”

“Could this man have been connected to the people I’m supposed to give evidence against?”

I can’t prove that, but I can’t take any more risks which is why I must go into hiding, for now at least.”

John Solomon, the investigative reporter revealed that the informant was a consultant and the evidence he had would prove that Russian agents with suitcases full of cash bribed the Clintons for United States uranium.

According to what he told Fox News’s Sean Hannity, the consultant had the video in the bribery case on Hillary Clinton.

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